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Our FACEBOOK Page is now operational.  Click on the button to access it.


Pool is Open

Hours are 8am to 5pm

Please stop by the office and have your homeowner's information sheet updated. If your pool id is from before 2018, please come into the office for a new ID.



Elections to the Board of Directors will take place at the Annual General Meeting on Thursday 14 March 2024 at 7pm at the Jockey Club Clubhouse.  This year there are six vacancies on the Board and the failure to establish a quorum will place the future of the Jockey Club in jeoparday.  For more details see the COMMITTEES/ELECTIONS tab.


Effective 02 January 2024 there will no longer be any smoking allowed on the Jockey Club premises.  This includes the clubhouse, pool courts, parking lot and grounds that makeup our Common Properties.  This resolution was passed by the Board of Directors at a Board Meeting held on 11 December 2023.  This resolution brings the Jockey Club in line with both City of North Port and Sarasota County directives.




The Jockey Club Membership has voted to prohibit future homeowners from leasing their homes for a period of one year after taking title.  Current homeowners are grandfathered.  The amendment was recorded with Sarasota County on 20 July 2021 under Instrument Number 2021134584.  It is now the law and will be enforced.

Please see DOCUMENTS for details.

In addition, all prospective home buyers must go through the estoppel process in order to ensure there are no outstanding HOA fees, liens, fines or Environmental Control violations against the property.  Otherwise, in accordance with FS 720.3085, the new owner becomes responsible for those assessments and/or violations.

If you are a homeowner here at the jockey club and have not already received your paper work, and/or are in need of replacement paper work please click on the "Documents" tab up top to find what you need. It is important that all of our members have the most up-to-date and correct paperwork so that we can do our best at helping our residents with any issues that may arise. If you find any errors in our paperwork or have come across a more updated version please send us an e-mail in the ABOUT - CONTACT tab and let us know!

Estoppel Certificates.  See the ABOUT- CONTACT tab for information.

What's going on around us!

Here at the Jockey Club of North Port, we offer a variety of different activities and services. If you are unfamiliar with what we have goin on then go ahead and click the button to learn more!

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Important Documents

President's Message

Welcome to the Jockey Club.  In our sixth year of independent operations, we have significantly improved our operational, financial and administrative situation.  I am glad that things are progressing well in the improvements over the last few months. I hope we can get the most immediate items done soon and look forward to the future.  I am open for help from any willing contributors. Suggestions and volunteers are very welcome.

William Seaver, President, Jockey Club of North Port POA Inc

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