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Elections are held annually on the second Thursday in March, according to our Bylaws, unless that Thursday is a holiday or election day at the municipal, state or federal level.  We will be using this website to disseminate election information.  You can expect the first notice of elections to appear on this page in December, the second notice in late January or early February.  We will also disseminate election notices and material through the Clarion as well.


Unfortunately, we will not be using election software to support elections to the Board of Directors.  There is insufficent use of the website to use it as an effective medium.  Election information will continue to be made available on the website.


Blank copies of Intents for Candidacy, Candidate Information Sheets and Proxy Forms can be found on this page.

On Thursday, 14 March 2023, 7:00 P.M, at the Jockey Club Clubhouse, 3050 Pan American Blvd.,

North Port, Florida, there will be an Annual Member’s Meeting and election of Directors.  This First Notice is to advise you of the procedures for becoming a candidate for election to the Board of Directors.  There are currently six (6) seats available on the Board for election/re-election and without candidates for this election, the Board cannot form a quorum.  Details are found below. 

If you are a renter, this if for your information only as you are not eligible for election and service on the Board of Directors.  Landlords/owners living outside the Jockey Club have been sent their own copy of this notice.

If you are a member and are delinquent in your dues, you will not be allowed to vote.



Election result is as follows:

•Cassie Silletti          65 votes – 3 yr term;

•Evan Dean              62 votes – 3 yr term;

•Brenda Stevanato   61 votes – 3 yr term;

•Jeffery Kane           60 votes – 2 yr term;

•Robert Gilpin          55 votes – 2 yr term;

•Renee Gilpin          50 votes – 1 yr term; and

•Otto Afandor          46 votes – 1 yr term

•Maria Brohnstein   45 votes – not elected

•Congratulations to those elected to the Board




President – Cassie Silletti

•Vice President – David Casarsa

•Secretary – Brenda Stevanato

•Treasurer – Renee Gilpin


Collections Manager - David Casarsa

•Attorney Liaison – David Casarsa

•Environmental Control (ECC) – Robert Gilpin (lead); Lynne Koons; Brenda Stevanato

•Financial Review – Renee Gilpin

•Recreation – Evan Dean (lead); Lynne Koons

•Maintenance – Jeff Kane.

•City Liaison – Cassie Silletti

•Elections/AGM – Jeff Kane

•Fining – Otto Afandor

•Media (Clarion, Website, Facebook) – Evan Dean

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