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Elections are held annually on the second Thursday in March, according to our Bylaws, unless that Thursday is a holiday or election day at the municipal, state or federal level.  We will be using this website to disseminate election information.  You can expect the first notice of elections to appear on this page in December, the second notice in late January or early February.  We will also disseminate election notices and material through the Clarion as well.


Unfortunately, we will not be using election software to support elections to the Board of Directors.  There is insufficent use of the website to use it as an effective medium.  Election information will continue to be made available on the website.


Blank copies of Intents for Candidacy, Candidate Information Sheets and Proxy Forms can be found on this page.





As of 02 February 2022, 36 days before the election date of 10 March 2022 (the Annual General Meeting), three (3) candidates had registered with the Jockey Club.

There are three (3) positions on the Board available for election/re-election.


•In accordance with FS 720.306, as the number of candidates is equal to the number of positions available there will not be an election in 2022.


•The following candidates have been acclaimed to the Board of Directors:


David Casarsa – 3 yrs

Karen Lay –  3yrs

Lisa Poland – 3 yrs


•Congratulations to those acclaimed. This is the seventh year in a row that there has been no election.

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