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Here is a brief overview of our various committess

According to our Bylaws, the Jockey Club functions through the work of its committees.  The Board of Directors manages and provides oversight, but the actual work done within the Jockey Club is by each of its committees.  The committees consist of volunteers from the Jockey Club membership who give their time and effort into bettering our Association.  The Jockey Club cannot function effectively without volunteers.  If you wish to improve how the Club operates, volunteer for one of our committees.  You can meet other like-minded members and contribute to making the Jockey Club a community of choice within the City of North Port.

                The Environmental Control Committee (ECC) is responsible for upholding the Jockey Club Covenants and Restrictions through the conduct of property inspections, liaison/coordination with homeowners regarding violations, and identifies persistent violators to the Board of Directors for further action. It also reviews and approves ECC Application Permits for homeowner construction and maintenance tasks to their homes.  It shall watch for any proposals, programs, or activities which may adversely affect the residential value of The Properties and shall advise the Board of Directors regarding Association action on such matters.  This committee is perhaps the most important committee in the Jockey Club as it is the guarantor of property standards and values in our community.

                The Fining Committee is responsible to review the decisions taken by the Board of Directors regarding the imposition of fines to a member or property.  Acting as an independent third party review, the Committee upholds or rejects the findings of the Board with respect to the imposition of fines.  By law, the Board of Directors cannot impose fines without review and support by the Fining Committee.

                The Election Committee proposes candidates for election to the Board of Directors. It is responsible for the staging, supervision, conduct and vote count for elections to the Board of Directors held annually in March.  The Election Committee may also coordinate voting by the membership on non-election issues such as changes to our Bylaws. 

                The Recreation Committee shall advise the Board of Directors on all matters pertaining to the recreational program and activities of the Association.  It is responsible for the planning and conduct of all recreation activities at the Jockey Club, in particular, dinners, dances and other social functions.  It has a limited budget to fund social activities.

                The Maintenance Committee shall advise the Board of Directors on all matters pertaining to the maintenance, repair or improvement of the Common Properties and Facilities of the Association, and conducts routine maintenance within the Clubhouse and pool.  It is also responsible for contracting new construction and maintenance projects beyond the scope and authority of the committee.  It possesses an operating budget for maintenance tasks.

                The Publicity Committee shall inform the members of all activities and functions of the Association and shall, after consulting with the Board of Directors, make such public releases and announcements as are in the best interests of the Association.

                The Financial Review Committee shall supervise the annual financial review of the Association’s books and approve the annual budget and balance sheet statement.

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